administrative law

Letterhead: the compulsory information



The documents issued by a Luxembourg company (letterhead, order form, invoices, company stamp, website, etc.) must include a certain amount of compulsory information, the most important items of which are as follows:

  • The exact name of the company - Art 462-1 of the Companies Act

  • The address of the registered office - Art 462-1 of the Companies Act

  • The form of the company (SA, SARL, etc.) - Art 462-1 or 710-10 of the Companies Act

  • Where the company is incorporated as a limited liability company (SARL), the amount of the share capital (this is not mandatory for public limited companies [SAs]) - Art 710-10 of the Companies Act

  • Trade register number - Art 462-1 of the Companies Act

  • The number of the business permit and the profession (these elements are often missing in practice) - Art 34 of the Act of 22 September 2011 on access to the professions

It is also useful to indicate the numerical identification number (company number), in particular to facilitate contacts with administrations.

Invoices must include a certain number of additional items - our article VAT: compulsory information on invoices dedicated to this issue may prove useful.


Example of letterhead :

Sarl with a share capital of €200,000
17 avenue Guillaume
L-1651 Luxembourg
Registerd in the Trade Register of Luxembourg under number B 999.999
Business permit no. 99.999 “profession”
Registration number: 1950 999 9999