Chartered accounting


Chartered accounting in Luxembourg deals with accounting laws for corporations, businesses and finance firms, ensuring compliance with all administrative and tax formalities required by law.
Luxembourg chartered accountants organize, assess and correct errors in bookkeeping and accounts of all kinds. They are charged with drawing up balance sheets and analyzing accounting methods and techniques to evaluate a company's economic and financial situation and operation. 
Luxembourg chartered accountants prepare annual reports (and also inventory reports) and tax returns (VAT returns, tax returns, withholding taxes, etc.). 
If a “No Objection Certificate” is required by Luxembourg law, (for private wealth management companies and Holding 29 companies), a chartered accountant can provide this service. 
A Luxembourg chartered accountant can also register company headquarters (or corporate addresses) in Luxembourg (according to the Law of May 31, 1999). 
Although chartered accountants are not lawyers, they can act as legal counsel to clients and furnish them with legal assistance for simple corporate law procedures (recording the minutes of ordinary General Shareholders meetings, the minutes of Board Meetings, etc.)
Along with accounting services, LPG Fiduciaire offers a personnel payroll service that can assist clients in various aspects in calculating salaries. 
LPG Fiduciaire also can offer services in the valuation of companies, for example in the transfer or sale of business assets or a company. 

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